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Over-Ear One

Inspired by Apple, this One Product Landing Page offers a high-quality presentation for individual products!

The first impression counts!
Once entering the page, an animated product image with a compelling headline is convincing you immediately, to dive deeper into this amazing product presentation.

Every single sales proposition is showcased in a spectacular fashion.

The Apple Airpods Max landing page is among the most copied landing pages out there.

Structure and design ensure high conversion even for high-priced products!

The Over-Ear One Template is built on the exact same principles.

Trigger Emotions

Showcase your target audience how your product will benefit their day and day life! Animated images and strong but short sentences to point out the features are very powerful in combination.

Let images do the talking

The use of images combined with highlighting descriptions will make your presentation simple and effective!

Full-screen images instead of huge amounts of texting.

Fully Responsive

The Over-Ear One Theme looks great on all devices!

Over-Ear One provides a fantastic user experience to your audience on any device!

Complete Website

Landing Page plus additional sites, all professionally designed.

Fully Responsive

This Website Template is designed to look great on all devices.

Speed optimized

Build for great performance and very fast loading time.

All customizable

Modify every single part of this template to your own needs.

100% user friendly

Clean structured and compelling content for high conversions.

Easy 5-min. setup

It takes just 5 simple steps to install this template on your site.

Learn how to set up this template!

For this template to work on your WordPress installation, you’ll need to set up the following required structure:

  • Kadence Theme (free version) installed
  • Kadence Blocks Pro installed and activated (currently $69, you’ll receive a link + 10% voucher)
  1. After purchasing this template, you’ll be able to download it including detailed setup documentation.
  2. Follow the setup instruction step by step (set up by us is selectable during checkout).
  3. Customize your template, guided by our video documentation.
  4. Enjoy your new template!